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Create Happy Healthy and Loyal Customers

Guaranteed Results

The EMSFX EMS Training System combines our EMS and our EMSFX strength training device which allows guaranteed training results  in fat burning, muscle toning, and improving physical performance, in a short time with noticeable effects after  just a few sessions.


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Happy healthy and
loyal customers

The sessions are exactly what todays fitness clients demand short, intense and highly effective! The patented EMSFX Training System provides up to 5 times better net results than conventional EMS Training. EMSFX  provides the first results guarantee system that is  easy to promote and helps create happy healthy and loyal customers. 

Business Solutions
for a quick return on invest

Our Micro-Studio, Shop-In-Shop, EMS-Mobile business models for EMS business operators, fitness club operators, personal trainers and physio therapists offer low initial costs and and a quick return on your investment.


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