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emsFX Corporate Business can be started immediately offering work training or services to existing health and fitness and corporate partner facilities with one or more devices.  You can adapt EMS training to every age group, fitness level and training or health goal. Everyone wants to be fitter , healthier with a more toned and slimmer body but few have the time and perseverance to follow conventional systems mainly because of lack of time and tangible results.  Physically stronger employees also have better cognitive function, higher work performance and have less health problems . 

We help you succeed by improving results

Our many years of experience in sports science and ems training optimization will provide you, through our education courses all the information you will need to optimize training focus and results. Our ems business course will help you make the right choices for a successful business.

Concepts and device use for effective training

Advanced training courses for optimizing exercises and combing nutritional advice for best possible results

Long lasting electrodes

“No smell” training suits and easy to use software make the training a much more fun and pleasant experience for both trainers and clients.

Light weight

Light weight free motion training makes each session more fun with multiple exercise routine options.

Help and Support

Our technical support team is available live from 10h to 17h European standard time.

If you need to resolve any queries on the use of emsFX SOFTWARE we are always there for you. Our working languages are English, Spanish and German.

The help section includes a resources library with tips on how to use the software.

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