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Chose intelligently to make your ems business successful .

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Recent studies* show that EMSFX unique “OPTIMUM “ EMS System can bring up to 5x better net results than conventional EMS training that don’t include our patented devices and supplements.

The EMSFX Micro Studio requires low investment costs, provides a quick return on investment and and allows access to the increasing demand for EMS training.

Small space, no staff, limited costs

Your micro studio can be set up in as little as 50m² and can be run by one or two trainers . The low ems center adaptation costs and requirements can allow you to open your studio quickly and is currently the most popular business concept in EMS. Almost 5000 EMS micro studios have opened world wide , and dozens of EMS franchises have been created using this business model . emsFX can help you learn how to set up your ems studio and provide consulting for those interested in improving existing or creating new franchise concepts.

High potential profit-margins

Depending on the location and type of center low cost low cost but high profit group training or VIP all inclusive EMS trainings  and by keeping your operational costs low with the Micro Studio model you can create a profitable Fitness Business . emsFX financing services   reduces start up costs allow quick expansion of your business and provide attractive and effective training concepts with excellent profit margins.

Grow at your pace

Start small and grow gradually, at your own desired pace. The Microstudios allow you to help people achieve their personal goals . It is a very satisfying experience . As you grow you can add more devices to multiply your profit even  through the highly motivating group training .

We can help you create your own franchise

Increasing demand  for ems training, low start up costs and high potential profit  make micro studios an exciting franchising opportunity.  We can help you create a unique but replicable  business concept. 

Help and Support

Our technical support team is available live from 10h to 17h European standard time.

If you need to resolve any queries on the use of emsFX SOFTWARE we are always there for you. Our working languages are English, Spanish and German.

The help section includes a resources library with tips on how to use the software.

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