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Now is the perfect time to invest in your business

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EMS Training is one of the fastest growing training methods for health and body image. That is, because today’s fitness clients demand short, intense, and highly effective training sessions.

The patented emsFX System offers 5x better net results than conventional EMS Training. This makes it a business concept for every professional.

The EMS Mobile, Micro-Studio and “Shop In Shop” business models are becoming a more and more popular option for personal trainers, physiotherapists and beauty business operators. Our business models offer a low initial cost and quick return on your investment. Ask us about our emsFX Financing Program and start your EMS business now!

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Use emsFX as a highly effective personal or duo training tool or use the group training option that allows you to easily train up to 10 clients and devices simultaneously with only one tablet, reducing the personnel investment costs and multiplying your turnover. Additionally our nutritional supplement can improve training results and double the net profit of every client  creating greater customer satisfaction. Whether you are considering opening an EMS studio or renovating your existing ems machines emsFX has the perfect solution for your needs.

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The EMS Mobile Concept can be started immediately offering home training or services to existing health and fitness and corporate partner facilities with one or more devices. emsFX EMS System can be used in combination  with any type of exercise training as a powerful compliment  increasing intensity and improving results. Whether it is passively in rehabilitation environments, dynamically for high intensity training , sport specific or functional training you can adapt ems training to every age group, fitness level and training or health goal.

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Shop In Shop

Offer new services and increase client satisfaction and fidelity.

Setting up the emsFX EMSPERIENCE Space inside your gym, health or beauty facility provides your EXISTING AND A LARGE POOL OF POTENTIAL NEW customers a new and exciting training , therapy or treatment system with convincing guaranteed results.  using existing service facilities and not having to do any construction allows you to use any available open space and convert it into a instant  profit center.

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Fit and health employees are happy and productive ones. 

Setting up the emsFX EMSPERIENCE Space inside your company   facilities provides your employees with a proven training program.  The  short (20 minutes )  can fit easily in 1 -2 workdays per week. Intensive exercise helps prevent back problems and improves cognitive function and work performance. 

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emsFX “Optimum” ems training has completely changed the EMS market and has become the new benchmark for results converting emsFX into the intelligent choice for both existing and new EMS Businesses concepts. Many leading ems franchises in several countries have already made the change to emsFX and you can contact them in if they are active in your country,  If you are thinking about creating your own franchise  or upgrading and existing franchise we can help you with our MASTER Franchise Training and Education programs.

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Sales Partner

WANT TO BECOME an emsFX Sales Partner (Distributor / Agent).

In just a very short time emsFX has become the leading EMS brand in many countries 

Join the fast growing emsFX community and apply for rights to distribute emsFX products in your country or region.