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Chose intelligently to make your ems business successful. 

Recent studies* show that emsFX unique “OPTIMUM “ EMS System can bring up to 500% better net results than conventional EMS training that don’t include our patented devices. Having the power to offer guaranteed results makes your services easier to communicate and sell while eliminating the doubt(fear) factor of every potential EMS client… Does EMS really work ? More importantly will it work for me?

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You can use our pre-installed programs or create your own exercises and therapy programs to help your clients stay in shape, recover faster and maintain or develop muscle mass and strength from the comfort of their own homes yet under your professional supervision. This is one of the biggest future trends for fitness and physiotherapy taking advantage of cloud technology and the capability of treating hundreds of clients from one application.

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Learn what full-body EMS training truly means, how does deep muscle stimulation can reduce cellulite and body fat improve skin condition  can make any esthetic treatment more effective- than traditional methods. It can be used passively as a toning system for traditional Beauty Centers or dynamically as a health and fitness compliment. The programs are easy to learn and we offer full training for your staff.