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Xavi Martos (pictured right) is the personal trainer of Sergio Pérez (pictured left) – Team Red Bull 2021 – and other successful racing pilots such as Spanish F2 pilot Sergio Canamasas (pictured center). Xavi Martos has been working with racing pilots since 2007 to prepare them for the special demands of professional racing.

Xavi Martos has integrated the emsFX EMS SYSTEM into his special high-intensity-training programs to improve effective strength, endurance, coordination and responsiveness.

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Image: Xavi Martos (right) with F2 Race Pilot Sergio Canamasas (left) training with  emsFX System

Xavi Martos training is paying  off, as Sergio Pérez won his first F1 race at the Sachir Grand Prix in Bahrain on 06.12.2020. Just 3 weeks before on 15.11.2020 he was already able to reach the 2nd place in the Grand Prix of Turkey. In 2021 Sergio Pérez is racing for Red Bull alongside Max Verstappen.

The emsFX EMS SYSTEM leads to a significant improvement in training results. Further benefits such as postural stability, higher arbitrary muscle contraction and a higher motivational factor are improved. The emsFX SYSTEM enables a more effective and better preperation for the special requirements of professional racing.