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the perfect choice If you are looking to expand your services
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Create a profit center inside your existing fitness or health business

The emsFX EMS System is the perfect choice If you are looking to expand your services and create new business opportunities, Compared to opening up another center putting and ems space inside your existing business allows you significantly reduce investment costs and generate higher profit. If you have and existing fitness or health facility integrating EMS is easy and simple utilizing existing showers and changing facilities and providing a small training space of between 2m² and 12 m²
Our emsFX “Shop-In-Shop” Concept is adaptable to all types of Fitness, Physiotherapy, Health or Beauty centers of any size so you start your EMS business right away!

Offer new services and increase client satisfaction and fidelity

Setting up the emsFX EMSPIERIENCE Space inside your gym, health or beauty facility provides A LARGE POOL OF POTENTIAL customers a new and exciting training , therapy or treatment system with convincing guaranteed results.

Everyone wants to be fitter and healthier...

A more toned and slimmer body? Yes please  but few have the time and perseverance to follow conventional systems mainly because of lack of time and few tangible results.
This large pool  of potential clients  are highly  motivated to acquire more attractive  body especially if it can be guaranteed in a short time.  Therein lies is the emsFX solution for your business. The emsFX advantage of 5x better net results than conventional ems training* means happier clients and a more profitable fitness or health business.

Got at least 2m2 of space?

Interested in creating bigger  business  your facility? Discover new  opportunities for your fitness business  converting empty space into a profit corner.  We provide the technology and train your staff to provide innovative training options and maximize profit. 

Exciting and highly effective training methods

Combing ems and maxforce training your clients. EMS training can also be used either in combination or simultaneously with any type of functional, high intensity or sport specific training. You can provide ems as private or duo training for personalized goals or in highly motivational group training classes for up to 10 people.

Help and Support

Our technical support team is available live from 10h to 17h European standard time.

If you need to resolve any queries on the use of emsFX SOFTWARE we are always there for you. Our working languages are English, Spanish and German.

The help section includes a resources library with tips on how to use the software.

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