It’s never been a better time than now to open, expand or renovate your
EMS Business.

We will help you every step of the way with comprehensive training on use of ems and how to set up a successful business with better training results higher profit potential than conventional ems studios with lower investment costs.

Advance Technology & 360º Business Solutions for Health, Fitness, Sport Performance.

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The EMSFX EMS System® technology,   previously reserved for elite athletes and the rehabilitation/physiotherapy field, is now available for everyone interested in achieving visible results quickly and easily.

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The EMSFX EMS System® technology can be used in different markets to help you grow your destinctive business and gain access to the growing EMS demand.

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The EMSFX EMS System® technology allows fitness and health professionals to achieve better and quicker  results with higher profit. Use our  advanced patented technology to offer guaranteed body toning and improved health benefits. 

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