Getting healthier, fitter, and stronger with emsFX

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Staying healthy and improving your immune resistance is nowadays more important than ever. But how can you achieve this objective and at the same time get leaner and stronger as effective and efficient as possible?

EMSFX offer a solution with a minimum time investment of just 20 minutes per week.

A weekly 20-minute workout with EMSFX EMS:

–     keeps your body burning calories up to 72 hours after training,

–     improves your muscle tone and body image.

–     burns up to 10 times more fat than aerobic exercise,

–    improves your metabolic rate,

–    reduces cellulite,

–     helps you increase your insulin sensitivity and lower your cortisol levels,

–     has a low joint impact,

–     improves your immune resistance,

–    improves your disease recovery time and -prevention,

–    improves physical performance,

–    reduces biological age!

EMSFX Total Body EMS is one the biggest High Intensity low joint impact fitness revolutions in Europe. One of the most attractive advantages is the impressive training results in just one or two 20-minute sessions per week.

Scientific studies have praised EMSFX training concept as a practical, effective and time saving solution for those “unable or unwilling to follow conventional programs.

Stay fit and healthy!