Isometric Exercise Program Reduces Blood Pressure Highly Effectively

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Keeping blood pressure at healthy levels is essential to reduce disease risks and ensure a healthy life. Hypertension is some lists the leading cause of mortality. Therefore treatments that help reduce high blood pressure is a recommended treatment and prevention plan for all people . Isometric exercise is used with great success in rehabilitation, strength training and sport for decades to gain strength, muscle tone and physical performance . Currently isometric exercise is also used to treat high blood pressure proving more effective than; aerobic exercise, dynamic exercise, even with medication (fig. 1 ) Isometric training sessions, being very short and not requiring much movement, are the intelligent solution for people who do not have the time, willingness or physical ability to do other types of exercises.

The studies showed surprising results of a drop in blood pressure (10.9mm systolic Hg and 6.2mm systolic Hg) after only 12 weeks, sufficient to reduce up to 40% the risk of mortality due to stroke or cardiac incident. Such a reduction would allow millions of people to reduce the dose or even stop taking medication when they reach healthy blood pressure levels.