myoFX, Product of the Year Award

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The myoFX 360 system has received the 2017 National Product of the Year Award

Currently, the importance of muscle tone for a better body image and sports performance is known, but few are aware of  its vital  importance for general health. Increased muscle tone reduces our risk of disease and increases our life expectancy.

Medical Fitness Technology, under the brand name myoFX, has launched three high-tech products for health, sports and corporal anti-aging based on better muscle function for people of all ages and fitness levels.

product of the year award

To understand the components of the “myoFX 360 system”, we mentioned in the first place myoFX supplements ,an innovation with a triple effect: improving tone and muscle regeneration, reducing abdominal fat and anti-oxidant effect  through a complex of vitamins, minerals and a patented probiotic.

The second component myoFX MaxForce is interactive device that  measures and develops maximum strength. Based on game theory, it makes exercise a fun challenge, records user progress and allows you to share your achievements on social networks, as well as compete and compare resulte with users around the world to cslculate health levels and biological age.

The third pillar of this exciting  “health system” is myoFX EMS, the most advanced method of whole  body electro-stimulation: wireless, multi-user and available in   renting mode, which allows easy acquisition by health profesionales all ok ver the world.

For this revolutionary initiative where health and quality of life are combined and a new business system for health professionals, myoFX receives the 2017 National  Product of the Year category.

This honor accompanies the recent news of being part of the European ranking FT 1000 fastest growing companies of the Financial Times where  medical fitness technology  the position 2 in Europe inside  the health sector and 165 over all sectors.